Natural Debugger Statement

Sure would be nice if Statement execution statistics in Natural Debugger listed the lines in the order in which the lines were executed. Each time the line(s) was executed. This would be way helpful.

Even more so if subroutine names were listed too.

Gee, you mean something like Cobol’s old READY TRACE statement? :wink:

I have occasionally wished for the same thing, but realized the Debugger was designed to be an online, interactive debugger, intended for use by the program author or by someone with enough spare time to set break points and step through thousands of lines of code. In the early days with more limited internal buffer sizes, maybe just tabling the statement line numbers and keeping an execution count was all the developers could manage. With limited online buffers, an unknown, unpredictable number of lines executed maybe presented difficulties.

Maybe we should have just asked for a simple “READY TRACE” option a long time ago to be added into the Natural nucleus, for batch runs mostly, that could just write everything out to CMPRINT, or CMTRACE, or something.

However, other people had grander ideas, and the RDC data collection exits were created and Treehouse Software wrote their Profiler tool to make use of them. Then finally in 2012 SAG released it’s own Natural Profiler included in Natural 8.2.2. More of a Testing product than a debugger, It tracks anything about program execution that you ask for. I always liked the idea of CPU time for each statement executed. But I don’t think many sites discovered it or used it much.

But you could give it a try. Not sure if it prints internal subroutine names though. Documentation manual at:

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