copying package from 6.1 to 6.5

I installed webMethods 7 which comes with integration server 6.5 and developer 6.5. I copied a package I was working on to the new version of the server. I cant seem to edit the pacakge in the new environment. Everything was copied over correctly but the package is in the new environement. Its unlocked and everything. Usually I can rename the package then name it back then I can edit it but that doesnt even work. Is there something I have to do for version difference? I archived the package changing the integration server version to 6.5 in the options but I still cannot edit it. What am I missing? Thanks.

A package cannot be renamed with Developer or in IS Administrator.

Sorry I misspoke. I meant to say I can usually just rename an element (flow service, java service or document name) and then name it back, which in turn will let me edit it. I never rename the actual pacakge your right about the prcious statement.

What is the error, if any, that you are seeing? Highlight the element, press Enter or right-click and select Rename. That should do the trick.