convertToString is dropping first field


I have an issue with convertToString. There’s several other threads that have alluded to the same issue, but, they didn’t have any obivious fix.

ISSUE: I have a flatfile dictionary with “recordWithNoID”. The flatfile schema has a record reference to the dictionary. The input Document to “convertToString” has a value in the first field (poID), but, that value is completely dropped from the output string and I’m just getting a blank/empty string. This was working previously in Dev, but, UAT has begun and this is now failing. I’ve tried all kinds of different combinations of resolutions in the schema (set Default Record, delete Default Record, Starts at Position, Nth Field…). It’s gotta be either something stupid that I’ve overlooked or a corruption of the XML.

Does anyone have any ideas whatelse I can try ??

David :mad: