ConvertToString issue

Hi folks,

I am facing one problem when trying to convert a document to string using pub.flatFile:convertToString.
The document list is converted to string, and two internal fields of the document do not appear in the resulting string, besides it contains data.
I am working with custom layouts and created the dictionary and schema before generating the document. Also, I am using wM 6.1.


Hi Maldonado,

Check out your internal fields names. If the field names contain any special characters the output of covertToString will be null.


Hi Pradeep,

Thanks for your response.
Actually I found out what is the problem, and it seems to be a bug.
One of the document fields has no value assigned, so when invoking the pub.flatFile:convertToString it generates the string with some blank fields. If I ‘initialize’ the document, using set value it just works.


Somebody has some idea of as to decide this problem one is a bug of webMethods?