Which service or steps should I use to get the same functionality as convertToEDI on 6.0.


Steps to follow in 6.0 or Previous versions:

For example you have the final X12 850 (IDATA values) holds with appropriate data(starting with segment ST) .Once you have IDATA values these services should be invoked before sending EDI document to the outside world (outbound):

1.wm.b2b.edi:convertToString(it gives out ST transactionset)
2.wm.b2b.edi.util:addICEnvelope (it will add ISAEnvelope)
3.wm.b2b.edi.util:addGroupEnvelope(it will add GSEnvelope)

At the end the Edi string should have (ISA,GS,ST,SE,IEA) segments and you can also validate the EDI evelope using envelopeProcess service.


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So what mappings I have to do in those services. Like I have an IDATA record. So, I should map it to “Values” in the service In? Can u also describe the mappings for the next services so that I can get an EDI string.

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yes, map the IDATA record to convertToString and this gives the string (containing ST/SE document data) and map this string to following
addGroupEnvelope and addICEnvelope and fill the appropriate sender/Receiver ids and qualifiers and Default values (check the EDI Module UserGuide.pdf for information about these 2 services)


Steps 2 and 3 are out of order. The GS envelope should be added before the ISA envelope. You can also just call wm.b2b.edi.util:addICEnvelope with the appropriate flag set to true to have it add the GS envelope as well as the ISA. Validating the result is HIGHLY recommended.


Thanks for correction…

In my second post i specified it correctly
“map this string to following
addGroupEnvelope and addICEnvelope and fill the appropriate”…

I Posted fast and not able to change it in first instance.

Is ffSchema needs to be supplied in the ServiceIn of convertToString. I think its optional but its giving me error that I should supply this. I am just mapping a record (table structure) to the values. Is this ok or I have to do some more changes?


yes, you must provide ffSchema param of converToString,this schema will be stored in WmEDIforTN packager under the EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010:T850.(once you install EDI Doctypes in TN6.01) this will automatically be created and this will be used for validation and generating document structure(T850DT).


Can u also please let me know the procedure how to create a flat file schema for this service. I am new to EDI, thats why I am having some difficulties.

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You can get this information using pdf files stored in wmFlatFile wmFlatFileSample packages which will be under Doc folder.

use wmFlatFileSample services for better understanding of how to manage and create flat files schemas using flatfile GUI.Also it has a sample for (PurchaseOrder flatfile)stimulation.


If you are using EDI X12/EDIFACT,Installation of these document types in TN will automatically create appropriate schemas in EDIforTN package,which i mentioned in my earlier post.

I think you are using non-EDI formats(flatfiles),is my guess is right?
If yes, then go through the docs stored in wMFlatFile or wmFlatFileSample packs.