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i am to do the mapping for Outbound-856 from a flatfile(input)in webmethods 6.1,
my Question is, Is there any service that would create the schema as i have a large input file to be read. so that i can customize it. or should i create the structure from the begining.
I got this doubt when i have seen the java services "CreateFFSchema"from WMflatfilePackage… I tried to go through the wmflatfile examples which we get from the installation, but i am facing difficulty in understanding…would somebody please come to my rescue?as i am new to webmethods.



You don’t want to create this your self. Simply install the document EDI types supplied with the wmEDI package from the IS Administrator’s EDI solutions/Install TN document types page.

If you haven’t read the EDI concepts and user’s guides yet, these are the best source of getting started info.

hi mark,
Thanks for your Response,
Actually, I need to Generate the Flatfile Schema(not EDI).I have created the Edi Schema using IS Administrator’s EDI Solutions/Install TN document types page.
but the ffschema for input flatfile(not EDI file), do I have to create it completely or is there any service for creating them.


When you import the TN document type, a flat file schema is created for you in the WmEDIforTN package under the following folder:


You will see multiple folders underneath according to EDI version.


If you’re referring to your own flat file you have to create it yourself. If you have it stored in an spreadsheet format you can write some services to read your spreadsheet to create it for you but that will depend on the structure of your spread sheet.



Basically based on your flatfile structure you should manually create custom FFDictionary/FFSchema using the createFlatFileSchema option in the Developer in manual procedure.

Another option would be follow the Chris comments above.

Please review the ISFlatFileSchemaUSerguide for how to build.