Convert Cylinders to GB, MB, KB or Byte

I like to know, how to convert (AC, UI, NI, DS) cylinders or blocks to GB, MB or KB?

Adabas version 7.4.4 mainframe z/OS.

I don’t want to post a hard link here, but have a look at the ADABAS documentation, in your case “Installation for z/OS” → “Device And File Considerations”, this has a table listing the block sizes for every device type.

In your case device type 8391:

Device  Trks/Cyl   ASSO       DATA       WORK    PLOG/RLOG    CLOG   TEMP/SORT/DSIM
8391    15           4136:12 	10796:5    13682:4    13682:4        8904:6     18452:3 

Simple math from there on :wink:

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My DATA cylinder is 11869 (11869 x 15 x 5 = 890175)

value block = 890175

How convert block/cylinder to gb, mb, kb?

Multiply the block count by the block size, in your case one DATA block (aka RABN) = 10796 bytes

9.610.329.300 Bytes → 9385087 KB → 9165 MB → 8,95 GB

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Thanks Wolfgang Winter;