Compressed record too long. DB/FNR/Subcode :1:/:2:/:3:.

Can anyone help me and tell me what is this error about and how I can resolve this.

This happens when I received a huge data and store it in MU with 250 bytes… the data reach to 39 * 250…

Appreciate all your help…

Adabas blocks are of fixed length, determined by Adabas and your DBA. Typically data blocks are in the 4k range. Your MU would require 9k.

Have your DBA set a large enough block size (unlikely to happen, since the block size you need is unusually large), or change your program to split the MU data into multiple records.

You didn’t mention your computer platform, but if you are mainframe and need to store such large records on the file, Adabas V8 does allow spanning of records across physical blocks. There are several considerations before doing this, but it does give you another alternative.