Conversations and WmRepository2

WmRepository2 is the directory under which there are flat files that typically start with VH… and one file by name DirValuesHash.dat
I am trying to figure out What information of TN conversations go here and in a clustered environment what is the role of these files for TN to execute conversations correctly ?
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wmRepository2 stores the TN conversationId’s…

Thanks RMG…
Is there any (detailed) wm documentation on this… my work demands to have a good understanding of this aspect of TN Conversations.
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It also stores TNWeb configuration (when you configure user access to viewing/submitting docs with the browser). It also stores the ejb alias information. Occasionally the file based repository gets corrupted and you have to delete all the files and reboot - causing you to have to re-enter these values and reset obscure parameters in TN config files! At least in 4.6 it was!

Hey… thanks for the inputs… blw is a kind of configuration which i’m into… ur views on these are appreciated

1)i confgure wmRepositoryServer(file system based) on a machine A
2)i add this repo server as repository for two integration servers(TN servers) which are NOT clustered but are in the same farm of servers.

will both the TN servers log all its conversation info to this repo server repository on machine A ?

The case is, these TN servers are servers in the farm and are not clustered in wm’s context, but are of mirror setup.

But one step of a TN conversation may be processed in one TN server and the other step of the same conversation may be preocessed in another TN server depending upon the third party load balancer.

For this purpose, the conversation info has to be stored in the repository which is common for both these TN servers and execute the conversation seamlessly independent of which TN server in the farm receives the request for a step in the conversation.

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I cut/pasted the code below into a java service.
Wouldn’t compile. I’m a java lightweight. What else would I need to add?

Todd Jordan

Repository r = Repository.getCurrent();
int count = 0;
Vector v = new Vector();

for(Enumeration en=r.keys(); en.hasMoreElements():wink:

String keyy = (String) en.nextElement();

System.out.println("Key = "+keyy /* + ", Values = "+vall */ );

String str = (String)v.toArray(new String[0]);

ValuesEmulator.put(pipeline, “numEntries”, Integer.toString(count));
ValuesEmulator.put(pipeline, “entries”, str);

Do we have java API documentation for* package ?


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Please advise me How to cancel the running coversations in 4.6 version.
If i am trying to cancel that perticular script and i am getting the errer message as " coversation script does not exist in repo".

Ashok kumar.G

WmRepository2 filefolder stores all the TNConversations (conversationid’s),thru TN console Conversations screen you can cancel the conversation that is waiting/timeout or errored ones…

Please check the TNBuildYourOwnNetworkUserguide for more information.


Thanks for your advice.
In my Development server there is no facility to write java code.

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Thanks for your suggestion.
Just now I checked in my webMethods Development Environment , there is no such package .
Note: If we install the package, will it solve the problem?