Conversation Script - Send Document(


I have the following doubts and hope that kind souls out that can help
to shed some light

  1. Does the B2B service look up the
    Delivery Method and Preferred protocol setting in the Partner’s Profile
    to determine the host and location to send the RNO to the partner?

So if i have a a primary HTTP and secondary HTTP, how and where can i make
the configuration such that for PIP_A conversation script i will use the
primary HTTP and for PIP_B conversation script i will use the secondary HTTP?
Here, both PIPs are to be send to the same trading partner.

  1. In the same conversation script i have a ‘Send Document’ step and ‘NOF - Notification of Failure’ step.

The trading parter requested that the PIP be send to location /recv/receiveRNO.asp
(assuming this is to be based on the Delivery method and preferred protocol setting
for the trading parter). But for the NOF step within the same script, it is to be send to a different location say /nof/receiveRNO.asp

Is this possible and how should i go about doing it.

Thank you in advance