Conversation Behaviour High Load

Hello All,

We are running the webMethods 4.6 with TN. All the documents pass through a conversation. When we high load on the server, some of the conversations give a warning message ‘ConversationReaper.Reaper.checkConversation() Cannot find conversation: 10001 Entry’ – Entry does not exist in repo

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

-Rajesh Rao

It usually happens when wmRepository(is full) and is renamed to make use of new repo,since all the conversation Ids will be stored into this folder wmRespository2 and TN makes use of this for restarting errored conversations or for wait steps… etc…

may be you have not done this,but my think is pointing there by seeing the error above you have shown…

Hi Rajesh/RMG

I also get “Entry does not exist in repo” for a conversation and it shops processing.

Are you aware of any solution / resolution for this issue.



I too keep getting “Cannot find conversation: 071120021050105640.134”. I tried for TN DB to remove the ID 071120021050105640.134 and could not fine it. Please suggest how I can stop this error.