Controlling Package Access

I have group of developers that I want to only be able to see and execute code under just 1 package. I know I can use ACLs and I am trying but having issues. I created a group called devteam1 and assigned it to devteam1 ACL. I was assuming I could go to a package and just add this ACL to the allow list for execute/list/read but when I go there I can only set it to 1 ACL. How do other people handle this? I am doing this because I don’t want the other team to see and be able to touch code unrelated to them.


Let me give you a scenario.
Say PackageA is something that you want to restrict to User A (or to a ACL, A)

Therefore, if you want only User A to have access to the services in package, you may assign the respective List / Read / Write / Execute permissions to the User A. However, at a later point of time, if User B wants to have access to Package A, we would not create a new ACL, B (as services in package can be bound to a single ACL but multiple users by being part of the ACL already the services are bound to)…instead create a User B and attach this user to the same group as the User A.

In this way, both Users A and User B do have access to the services in package A.

Hope this helps.


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