Controller is not getting started

I have installed webMethods manager 6.5 and i triedstarting the controller, getting the following error

[Thread : main] ======== Begin StackTrace ======
java.sql.SQLException: [wm-cjdbc35-0027][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-12505 Connection refused, the specified SID (analysis) was not recognized by the Oracle server.
at com.wm.dd.jdbc.base.BaseExceptions.createException(Unknown Source)
at com.wm.dd.jdbc.base.BaseExceptions.getException(Unknown Source)

Manager server is up and Database connection is fine and i have created all the DB componetns given in the script.


Judging from the error message, the DB connection is not “fine.” The connection is specifying a SID that the DB server says doesn’t exist. So either the SID is wrong or the DB hostname is wrong.