Control Number Management

hi thr,

i am using wm 712.
we receive EDI 850 and EDI 864 docs from our customers and we send them 997’s (FA) back. process of sending 997’s was done by creating TPA’s.
the control number (in both ISA and GS segments) in this 997 is taken from the respective inbound EDI documents (850 and 864). this is the present setting we had in the TPA control management.
the inbound EDI documents comes with same GS06 value (which actually contains the control number) so the outbound 997 goes with the same value. this results in duplicate GS06 values for 997, though they are for different inbound EDI documents. customer have problem in processing them as their system throwing exceptions as duplicates.

Customer doesnt have control over the EDI 850 and 864 docs control numbers so they want me to fix this issue.
i read through the EDI and TN docs and tried to change the way the control number gets generated. i found below three ways:

  1. from inbound doc
  2. sequential from ‘1’
  3. 9 digit random number

customer requested us to use methods 2 and start sequential number from some 1500 (example). so i tried to find where can i change this number, i thought that control number table in TN database has it, i updated that table respective to the sender/receiver/version/doc, but still the control number that got generated from TPA not following this sequence. i think there is some other place where i need to change this.

could you please use your expertise in this and provide me a solution.

please and thanks

Go to manage control number on EDI home page, you can control the generated ICN numbers for your 997 transacitons from there.

i tried that.
i have added the control number respective to the sender/receiver/version
but still when i tested it the EDITPA taking the default sequential value.

please check attached screenshot, i might have made a mistake in creating

seniors, please help as customers are pushing on this

Did you also check the Indicator in TPA to match it as Test…Also check the pipeline and services where you addICEnvelope,addGroupEnvelope see if you find any issue generating ctrlNumber from the table.


yes, the TPA setting has ‘Test’ in it.

i am not sure whether the EDI TPA and TN share the same control number table, because when i ran the getcontrolnumber service in wmedifortn package it gives me a different number for the same sender/receiver and the TPA that got generated following a sequence from the previoulsy generated FA. both are two diff numbers.

Did you also set ctlFromTable to true in the addICEnvelope invoke after you updated the screen for that sender/receiver/version?


i dont see a addICEnvelope in TPA.
this addICEnvelope we normally call inside a flow service to set the parameters, but how will set this in TPA, i dont know.

TPA has the ICheader which has the info about the ISA segments and GS07 only.

we used to manage control number through developer by calling this addICEnvelope service for outbound services. as for this particular we decided to go with TPA causing problems.

Yes i am saying about addICEnvelope service level not TPA setting itself…check if you set the req input params (ctrlFromTable) to make it work.


TPA sends the FA based upon the information you provide in the TPA.

addICEnvelope service is being called in flow service, but TPA doesnt call any flow services when it is trying to send FA.

as you said, to set the addICEnvelope service to have ctrlFromTable set, i have to do this thru a flow service. its just like calling this service from processing rule.

we dont want to go thru this process, we want to send the FA directly thru TPA without involving the flow services here.

i may have understood u in a wrong way, please clarify.