Consumer wsdl Execute ACL Issue

Hi Team,

I imported the consumer wsdl (provided by target) in designer and set the execute acl to internal(inherited)

In have also set the execute ACL for the provider wsdl (provided to source system). I set some custom ACL on provider wsdl.

Now the issue is that it is working in one environment but for other environment when it hit to the target web service it gives the access denied error. But if I changed the target wsdl acl to default, it is working in all environment.

Can any one please let me know what could be the issue here. Because it is working with internal(inherited) ACL in one environment and not working in other environment.

IS version is same 9.7 in all the environment.


Do you have the same permissions (users, groups and acl) defined in both environments?
Are the same users used in calling in both environments?
Are the same ACL applied to the same services and wsd on both environments?
Are the wsd using the same web service alias, with the same security definitions, in both environments?
To the web service alias point to the correct addresses on each environment?

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Did you checked the user you are using for consumer services? Make sure the User is added in the ACLs you have configured.



make sure that the custom ACL exists on the target env as well and contain at least “local/Administrators” as a member.

Otherwise the ACL setting will not be applied during deployment and there will not be very much info about this.


As all said, what all users, groups you did use in one environment which is working fine, you should have the same in other environment.