Construct Code Generation

My problem I am experiencing is as follows…

I can generate a Browse Module using the Code Generation Wizard and the source code in my editor needs the user exits to be complete.

I cannot edit the code to put in the user exits.

Well firstly I don’t know where to define my required user exits so the **SAG DEFINE EXIT and **SAG END-EXIT appear in the source code. Where do you set this up?

Secondly, I have set Natural Security to have zero restrictions because I am trying to get a Natural 8.3.8 system into NaturalONE - so why can I not edit the generated code. If I copy and paste the generated code into a New Object (excluding the initial **SAG comments) then I can edit the object and add User exits manually.

I can only imagine this is a setup issue, please assist me in resolving this.

I haven’t used that wizard in quite some time, but somewhere in there is a list of all the user exits. You select one and an edit window appears for you to provide the source code.

The first rule of Construct has always been “Don’t edit a generated object.” Go back to the wizard, select a user exit, and update the source code you provided previously. As on the mainframe, all activity is performed under Construct, that is, within the Construct application.

And finally, it’s those **SAG comments that tell the editor that the source code is off-limits.

Hi Ralph,

Thank you for the quick response. I agree with the rule about not coding outside the user exits. My problem is I do not see the User Exit list.
E.G. For a new Browse program
Panel 1 - Object name / GDA / Options (no User Exits)
Panel 2 - View / Super / Min Max (Common and Map Parameters)
Panel 3 - Internal External Map and Dynamic attributes
Panel 4 - #Action parameters
Panel 5 - Prefix options
At Panel 5 Next is protected and Finish the only option

Is it perhaps an external setting/preference for the user exit list to appear?

The Natural Construct Generation section of the documentation describes the generation wizards.

The procedure for each wizard ends with text similar to

And here is where to read about the user exits.

Ralph, you are an absolute legend! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction.