Considerations for upgrade from RedHat v5 to Windows 2012,for webM 9.8

Hi Team,

Currently we are looking to upgrade from webMethods version 8.2 to 9.8, also at the same time, need to have an OS changed from RH Linux version 5 to Windows 2012.

Need to know what will be the possible issues & risks which we need to counter during the webMethods upgrade.

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Cross platform migration of products are not supported apart from IS.

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Thanks Abhishekh,

I understand , but as the client needs for the change in OS as well. There is lot of manual configuration changes, package migration,etc… we need to make,as the migration tool might not be useful in this scenario.
What i was looking for, was is there any other considerations, ex: “/” & "" while providing the destination path.
Are there any such considerations.

Your suggestions will be useful.


What all are the components that you are using in 8.2? And what components you are going to use in 9.8?

Based on this you have to look into upgrade strategy. However you have to go with side by side approach. But still few migration scripts will help you to sync the DB and file systems.

So in your case i think lot of manual work is required to set it up the servers.


one way is to do a two-phase migration:


  • migrate OS first and then upgrade wM
  • upgrade wM first and then migrate OS

If possible, I would prefer first option.

Remember to check for native libs which might be required by certain adapters (i.e. SAP Adapter).