Connecting to AWS SNS topic


I’m VERY new to SoftwareAG and I’m trying to alter an existing FlowService so the output JSON message is directed to an AWS SNS Topic. The Topic/SNS queue exists in our AWS account, but I don’t understand what the system is looking for in the “Add Account” dialog that pops up when I click “Configure Account”.

Any help, suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Doug, how are you integrating with SNS? Are you using the CloudStreams connector?
A screenshot of the configuration requirements will help.


Hi Kasi,
Thanks for getting back to me. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by CloudStreams connector? I just selected Amazon Simple Notification Service. When I try to configure that it brings up this dialog that I’m not sure what to put in. See the image:

SNS Topics don’t have HTTP URL’s and I don’t see anywhere in the dialog to even enter the topic value.

Also, what is it looking for in the Access Key and Secret Key fields?

I’m also confused about how configuration can be edited. I did save a configuration, which I can see when I select the little person icon for the SNS queue, but nothing happens when I select that configuration, I always have to then “Configure Accounts” => “Creat account manually”.

Hope this reply makes some sense,

Happy to see that you’re using I’m not an expert on AWS/iPaaS yet, but let me see if I can help, Doug -

The pop-up you see, is to capture and store the AWS SNS credentials and settings in, for programmatic authentication and authorization, for flow execution. In addition, note that the configuration panel has more fields below; scroll down.

Here are some links that will help you -

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Hi Doug,

Also please follow this tutorial’s for AMZ SNS setup step by step implementing workflow project.