Connecting to a user database in Software AG Designer 10.7 Flow Service?


I’d like to connect to the user list in MSR console. You know, the default one like Administrator-manage (and some additional users I create). How do I access that database in a flow service? I want to use it for validation purposes. Thanks.

Hi @kristian.wijaya1234 ,

What RDMBS you are trying to use? Please see our System requirements document to get the list of supported RDBMS. Either you can use the WmJDBCAdapter or create a standalone service to connect to DB and invoke that in your flow service.



The RDMBS I’m using is PostgreSQL.

The PostgreSQL is supported as per page 15
The exact versions are specified as well.


Ok…you could write a java service to connect to your DB and get the results as expected. But how are you trying to manage your data? I mean, when are you putting data into your DB, and at what point do you want to get it from DB? If you could elaborate your use case a little more then it would be helpful. Thanks



+1 for the usecase, I’m intrigued as to what you plan to verify with the users created, is it just to verify users, or was that just an example,


Well the database I am talking about is from the MSR Console, where you can see logs, manage packages, etc. In there, there’s a User Management where you can add additional users to log in there. Pretty sure the user info is stored in a database. Problem is, I do not know where the database of this MSR console is.

For now, the plan is to just verify existing users, instead of adding or removing users. So the java service won’t be managing data, just reading from the database and then verifying the input with the database. So I definitely need the database URL for the MSR console.

Hi Kristian,

please have a look at the config-folder of your active instance.
You will find some files there which contain the users, the groups, the ACLs and the relations between those.
Unfortunately some of them are encoded bin-files for data protection.

See MSR Administrators Guide as well as the Built-In-Services Reference for further informations.


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