Connecting Tamino to a frontend

I have to create a wizard, or a configurator. SO basically I have to only read xml from tamino. I am using Jsp + html in the front end, as that was what the company i am working under wants. Does a query to tamino using the tamino client return a DOM object? or am i supposed to accept it as an input stream? Can anyone guide me through such a project? I have very little time.
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if you are using Tamino Version 2.3.1, you are using the “old” API (taminoclient.jar). with it, you will always get your result set as a dom object.

if you are using Tamino Version 3.1.1, you can also choose to apply the “new” Tamino API for Java (TaminoAPI4J.jar). It gives you more flexible means of accessing your result sets: as DOM objects, SAX stream, or as raw java io stream.

documentation contains examples for all operations (insert, query, update, delete) for both APIs.

andreas f.