Connecting QTP 11 with Entire Connection 4.4.1

I like to know how to connect HP Quick Test Professional QTP (automated functional testing tool) with Entire Connnection (EC) ver 4.4.1. My app is Natural Adabas in Solaris. I’m trying to evaluate QTP in my Windows 7 running the EC terminal.

I tried one of the QTP supported terminal emulators ‘PuTTY’ to telnet to my Solaris box and can connect to my Natural application. But this will not work well in all situations as some of our Natural programs uses ‘Download PC’ command that works with EC and proprietary to EC only… I guess. If there is a work around to use PuTTY and still able to download files from Unix-to-PC, that will work for me as well.

Please let me know. Thank you.

I don’t know QTP as a product. What is the reason that QTP is not working together with Entire Connection? Have you tried to access EC from QTP using the Entire Connection API?

Thank you for the quick reply and sharing API material. I never programmed it with before.

QTP is a functional testing tool from HP Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing - Wikipedia.

I need to record and playback keystrokes in Entire Connection and then use the script to analyze Pass and Fail scenarios. Using the real terminal emulator is needed in this situation. Thank you again for your kind response.