Connecting IS with Apache Kafka

Hi All,

i am using 10.2 version and I want to connect Integration server with Apache kafka.

Can anyone please help me how to connect IS with Kafka?


You need to download and install webMethods Adapter 9.6 for Apache Kafka and it does not require a license key (Contact SAG for more details).


If you have any questions after configuring the connection, then post the error and we can help you out.

thanks Mahesh

It’s new to me that SAG give out the adapter for free. IFAIK one should buy a license.

Another option is to write java code for connecting to Kafka. Since Kafka is just a java lib.


noone said that it is free.
You just have to order a license for it, but it will not require an explicit license key.
As most webMethods Adapters do, it will use the ART licensed together with the IS license key.


Hi Thomsen,

Thanks for your response ,
Could you please attach package wmKafkaAdapter,if you have?


Let me know how you go, even I am doing some work around this.