Connect to CentraSite database with Tamino X-Plorer

We want to understand the data in CentraSite better by using the Tamino X-Plorer. What URL do I need to connect to the underlying db? Do I need to configure something with Where would I find the needed information on the CentraSite server? I have full filesystem and shell access to the system.

Best regards
Tobias Bell

Tamino X-Plorer documentation will likely help:

For CentraSite RR, use http://host:port/CentraSite as the Server URL, with CentraSite as the Database. No configuration from inoadmin required. Once you have connected to the CentraSite database with X-Plorer, you can use the tree directory to browse through the various collections there.

Be aware: you can update the data from X-Plorer, but this is obviously not a good idea to do!