Confluent Kafka integration in webMethods

Hi Team,
I’m working on Confluent Kafka Poc, As part of it, I have installed Confluent Package in my local machine and successfully created topics.
When trying to integrate with webMethods facing the below error. Can anyone help me out in resolving this error?
Please go through the below snippets for reference.

I’ll concede that I haven’t worked with Kafka, but a Google search tells me that the issue is either with missing additional Java libraries, or network disconnect or within Kafka.

Example - java - org.apache.kafka.common.errors.TimeoutException: Topic not present in metadata after 60000 ms - Stack Overflow


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I notice your connection type is “Apache Kafka Consumer Connection”. If you have the latest adapter fixes installed, there should be a type called “Confluent for Kafka® Consumer Connection”. I believe it has specific code and features for Confluent Kafka.

I was able to get that one connecting to Confluent Cloud, so I assume it would work with a local cluster as well

As Kasi mentioned, you also need to ensure the proper Confluent jar client libraries are in in the correct IS directories

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