Configuring webMethods with git

Hello Experts

I tried my best to find out relative posts first and to sort out my issue. But couldn’t find the solution and ended up posted here to seek help from experts.

I am using

  1. Software AG Designer 10.3

  2. Licensed version of webMethods

Current configuration

Development machine

  • Windows 2019 Standard server.

  • webMethods Designer is installed in the same directory of local Integration server.

  • Integration Server has been configured to run as a service.

  • Downloaded Git from official git location and installed properly on the development machine.

  • Successfully checked in the package source code into locally installed git.

What are you trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

I want to check in/check out package source code to remote git repository and this is where I need help from experts.
Remote repository and the development machine are part of the the same network domain.
Using command prompt on the development machine I am able to clone the repository locally. However I am unable to push the package source code to remote repository.

In the above attached picture Screen no 2 is showing the remote repository where I want to commit and do clone etc of my source code but all directly from webMethods designer.

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

Above I have provided screenshots from Screen no 3 till 6 of all the steps I am going through with all the values shown clearly for your better understanding.

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Did you manage to fix this issue ?
Have you made sure to install all the latest fixes for Designer ?

I have enclosed a screenshot of my own git setup, to see if you can see anything different on your side.

good luck,

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