Configuring UNC (\\servername\path) in fileAccessControl.cfg in WmPublic package

Does webMethods 8.2 support UNC (\servername\path) filepath in fileAccessControl configuration file ?

Directory Path : \nnor7\WM_Received\WM Alpha

Below are the several configurations combinations tried in FileAccessControl.cfg under WmPublic package and server restarted all the times but always getting \nnor7\WM_Received\WM Alpha is not in the allowedDeletePaths configuration error when pub.file.deleteFile service is used.

Various Configurations Done:

  allowedDeletePaths=<some other path>;\\nnor7\WM_Received\WM Alpha
  allowedDeletePaths=<some other path>;\\\\nnor7\\WM_Received\\WM Alpha
  allowedDeletePaths=<some other path>*\\\\nnor7\\WM_Received\\WM Alpha
 allowedDeletePaths=<some other path>;\\\\nnor7\WM_Received\WM Alpha

i dont think so UNC is supported

Yes, UNC paths are supported.
User under which IS runs should have access to those UNC paths.

you can provide UNC path like

escape characters needs to be provided if IS installed on windows

@ Mohamed Saleem

Can you please have a look at 8-2-SP2_Integration_Server_Built-In_Services_Reference