Configuring MQ Adapter 6.0

We are trying to configure the wM MQ adapter and are not sure what needs to be done on the MQ side. We are connecting to a remote Queue Manager that has other queues in addition to our queue. We are not suppose to access those queues and we have created a user id to restrict acccess. The problem is that, when we tested it without user ids, we are able to put and get messages from our queue on the remote QM. However, when we configure it with the user ids we get the “Connection to Queue Manager could not be initialized; cc=2,rc=2035.” We have configured the MCAUSER parameter for the channel with the correct user and set the appropriate authorization for the user on the queue. Is there anything else we are forgetting? Does the user need to be part of the MQM user group?

Appreciate any help.

It sounds like you have not set the authorization for the user to access the queue manager itself. Try running a command like the following on the server where the remote queue manager is running:

setmqaut -m QMGRNAME -t qmgr -p USERID +allmqi

where QMGRNAME is your queue manager name and USERID is the user defined in the MCAUSER parameter.

Bingo!! That was the problem. THANKS!!