Not able to configure MQ Series Adapter 61


My Client has MQ Series Ver 2.2 running on IS 6.0.1, they want to migrate this to a IS 6.1 with MQ Series Adapter 6.1. The configuration is giving me a hard time as I am not able to find what should I fill in setting field “Server Connection Channel”, as there seems to be some problem with it.

Quick responce would be really appreciated.

Hi Amisha - The Server Connection Channel setting should be provided to you by your MQ Engineering team. It is a way for the MQ server to authenticate its clients. In some instances, providing the Channel parameter can eliminate the need for userid/password for login credentials.


Hi Rajesh,

When I was copying the parameters from the existing configuration of MQ Adapter 2.2, it created a space before the Connection Channel and thats why the problem was occuring. After I checked that and corrected it, the error code 2059 changed to error code 2035( Authentication Error). Here we are not using any user id and password for our connection in the existing 2.2 connection and I even checked with our Server team they said there shouldn’t be any authentication required. I am unable to understand why this error 2035 is comming all the parameters seems okay.

Kindly advice…

Ahh yes, the old “extra space” bug! I’ve done that a few times :slight_smile: The userid/pwd is not always required to connect to MQ. Often times, just the Channel is used for authenticating the client. Has your MQ team enabled/allowed this channel for that Queue Manager?

The RC 2035 is a MQRC_NOT_AUTHORIZED code meaning that the user is not authorized to access either the Queue Mgr or the Queue. Here is more info on that and all IBM MQ reason codes: