Configuring Deployer to work with GitHub

Does anyone know if it’s possible to configure Deployer to work with GitHub or is it still a manual process ??


Hi David,
You want to integrate your IS with GIT for code check in and check out like VCS?

What is your wM version?

I believed this is yet to come off as a built-in functionality for webMethods or specifically for Deployment component. Since Git has its api, you might need to write custom services to call the api, which I think will need quite some efforts.

Hi All,

my wM version is 9.6. Yes. I would like to integrate wM IS to work with GIT hub for VCS.

Could you please share me some tips or documentation on how to do it?


I think the OP asked about the integration of Deployer (not IS) with GitHub. In that case all one has to do is to customize the ant script which performs the checkout part of the build process. The “out of the box” script is geared towards Subversion, if I’m not mistaken. Is it possible to check out things from github using ant?

Well this topic kinda died, and I would very much like to know if that is possible, and how. My WM version is 9.12.