Configuring CSQ for JMS Connection Alias


I want to configure client side queue so that Integration
Server writes messages to the client side queue if the
provider is not available when messages are sent.

Can any one let me know if I configure CSQ for JMS connection where the actual message will store i.e any file location.

Messages are persisted here - SAG\IntegrationServer\instances\default\db\

Dear Mahesh,

Can you please let me know one more this.

I want to know where the persistent messages will store when messaging provider is up ?

If I am not wrong then below is the directory where all message are store,

/UniversalMessaging/server//data directory - in .mem files.

File location that you mentioned is for storing the messages when UM is down and CSQ is configurred ? Please let me know,

To make you clear, the path mentioned above is for CSQ if the messaging provider is not available during the publishing process the messages gets stored here. Once the messaging provider is up and running IS processes all the messages from here to the provider.

On UM based on storage type for your queue or topic or channel the messages gets stored in data folder under UM installation and it gets into the mem file which is not human readable. Based upon your request you can do a perform maintenance which will clear these files.

Thanks Mahesh for help…