Configuring collections for specific disks

Hi, I’m setting up Tamino on a new server and could do with some advice. I have two sets of RAID5 disks. The first are 10,000 RPM (0.8 TB), and the second are 15,000 RPM (0.4 TB). I wanted to create a single database that has two collections. The first collection is for XML data, whereas the second collection is for TIFF image data that is associated witrh the XML. I have created two sets of database spaces, one for each disk set, and wanted to use the 10,000 RPM RAID for the images, and the 15,000 RPM RAID for the XML (to help faster indexing and searching). I was under the impression that I could associate database spaces with particular collections, but from the database setup wizard it looks like I can’t do this. If I can’t do what I want to, then I presume I’ll have to create two seperate databases, with one database for the images and the other for the XML. Does anyone know of any way to to the finer grained (collection-level) setup? Or does anyone have any comments about other ways to achieve this? Many thanks, Tony

Tony, Multiple index dataspaces and multiple data spaces are regarded internally as being one index and one data dataspace. The index and data spaces are managed internally so it is not possible to say which part of index or data is being used to store data for a particular collection. The DBA cannot specify that collection A must use the 1st data space and collection B use the 2nd data space. So the only solution (if this your requirement) is to define two separate databases : one for the images on the slower disk and one for XML on the faster disk. Hope this helps.