Configure e-mail adapter for Exchange Server

Appreciate if someone can give me some advice in how to configure the e-mail adapter (send/receive) using the Exchange Server. The documentation hasn’t enough information. I would like to know how to configure below:

  • Host Mail: tried server name or IP address

  • Mail User: with or without e-mail extension

  • Mail Password: I didn’t add it as we don’t use this. (I also tried domain account for userid/password)

  • Folder name: “INBOX” (keeping default)

  • Protocol: “imap” (keeping default)

  • …default for other items.
    I have been using a domain account and e-mail account specifically for this purpose. I also installed Outlook, but didn’t work out.
    Appreciate for any help. Regards,


You might want to try configuring a mail program like Outlook Express or Outlook on the same machine, using the same mail account. It’s a little easier and quicker to fiddle with the parameters that way. Once you have that all set up, disable it (so it won’t take the mail messages away from the adapter), and then simply copy all the parameters to the adapter configuration.

Resolved the issue to connect the e-mail Adapter using Exchange Server. I cleaned up some old client names from Ent.Manager and somehow resolved. But, I still has problems as seems unstable (in debug mode fails) and is not working to send e-mail (I tried by implementing in one scenario).
I’m using SMTP now without any problems.

Hi, could you give me the name of the adapter ???
Is it MSMQ Adapter ???