configuration between Task Engine in MWS


In Task Engine Setting of MWS ->SystemSetting we have to provide url for IS where Process Engine is running.
But here in ID/Pass filed why it is asking for Confirm passowrd field.Is it like anything we are setting new password for some user.

Attached is screen shoot for reference.

For Refrence we are using wM version 8.2 in windows server.


I guess its normal. The user name you specify must be a member of the Administrators group on the Integration Server

Yes,That I understand that user must be a member of Administrator group.

My confusion is ,why it is asking for confirm password.Generally that filed came when set/reset some password.So,is it like,that password is being reset here.


I agree with Baharul.

When not changing a password it should only be neccessary to enter it once.

Please check if there some fixes which miight contain a patch for this.

I am currently using wM 7.1.3 and wM 9.5.1 and on both versions there is only one password field.


Entering it twice for confirmation doesn’t hurt anything and it helps validate that you entered the right value since you can’t see what you are typing due to the masking of the characters.

If you don’t agree, then feel free to file a feature request @ [url][/url] for future consideration.