Conditional Error processing


I have been working with API Gateway 10.1., Is there any spec that is used when using Invoke webMethods Integration Server Service?

I am planning to use Invoke webMethods Integration Server Service to catch errors in API Gateway such as 401, 404 and etc. I tried using the setResponseCode and setResponse2, seems like they cannot change the response codes and string in the gateway. I also tried to extract the response codes and payload, using IS service, for error handling in the gateway level but can’t perform. Is there any utility or something that I am missing?

I have also noticed, If an error occurs in the API Gateway, lets say Method is not allowed ( 405 ) and I have an invoked flow service in Error Handling Policy configuration and “send native provider fault” is checked in the policy, I can see that the API Gateway is able to throw the Status code 405 but with an empty body, but when I looked at the logs in the API Gateway IS, I can see a in the server logs that the request was “Unable to invoke ESB service: . Exception:[ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied” but I was able to pass the credentials for the API Gateway.

Does this mean that when an error occurs in the API Gateway, the request headers authorization will be lost?

I have found a way to invoke the Service in the Gateway IS. And it is through making its permission “anonymous”, but this means that the service can be invoked anytime without security. Is there any other way to make this Service available without credentials without sacrificing its security?

@Mark_Napallacan Did you find the solution for this?, I’m facing the same problem after setting the Send Native Provider Fault Message = true, the API Gateway responded with an empty body.