Conditional breakpoints - could we have it on SAG Designer?

Hi there,
Related to breakpoints, I’ve noticed a difference between Eclipse and NaturalONE (SAG Designer 10.3):
In Eclipse there are “conditional breakpoints” that I can set to pause in a more specific way.
I didn’t see this in NaturalOne.
I think it would be a very useful resource. What do you think?

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… and you are not talking about “Watchpoints”?

  • i.e. you can add a variable as a watchpoint, and in the “Expressions” tab specify a value that will trigger the execution to break.
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It seems a nice tip but I didn’t managed to experience this.
I tried “toggle Watchpoing” in a variable but nothing happened that I could notice.
In the “Expressions” tab there was no fields.
In the help file I got this: “You must select a Java field object to use this command.”
So I wonder if this feature works only with Java code…

I can’t quite figure out what is “missing”, but perhaps you could have a look at this video regarding debugging in NaturalOne.
Especially from half-way (3 minutes) and forward.

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