All defined fields not displayable in debugger

Good morning all. After nearly 20 years programming with Natural/Adabas on the mainframe about 6 months ago I took a position
with a company that uses Natural for Windows on an AIX platform. I am still acclimating to using the debugger in Natural for Windows, which is the reason why I am posting today.

While debugging there are instances when I do not see all the local data fields, which are defined in the object, in the locals tab. Most of the fields appear and I am able to interrogate them. However, inexplicably, some do not appear. These are regular work fields, fields defined inside the program or fields defined in external locals.

I’m stumped, and as you can imagine not know the contents of all the fields makes debugging challenging if not difficult.

Any help would be much appreciated and I thank you in advance.

Steven Elliott

Just guessing…

The subprog local variables are only visible while you are executing the statements in the subprog.

Could it be the case that your “yellow” debug error is not in that “scope” ?


Hey Finn, thanks for your reply. What do you mean by “scope”?
When I am trying to look at the variables that are not appearing in my local window in debugger, I am inside the subprogram that has those variables defined. The other strange thing is that if I hover my cursor over the same “invisible” variables I also do not see the contents of the variables. All other variables that I can see in the local window I can also hover my cursor over in the body of the object to see their current contents.

OK so that was clearly not the case !

Which version of SPOD are you running ?
I just looked in Empower and noticed there was a similar problem, which was fixed in 6.3.10.


By SPOD do you mean Natural Studio? If so, we are running version 6.3.10 PL 0 (Rev.:021667)

Hmmm apparently NOT fixed in pl10 :frowning:

Just checked and only version 83. of NAT for windows is supported these days.
So I guess you will need to upgrade to get to a version where it is fixed (or will be fixed;-)


Ugh, okay thanks Finn. I guess worst case scenario I could always display any fields I want to interrogate. Kinda defeats the purpose of the debugger, but it is what it is.

See you point - but for me the SPOD debugger has been such a “major leap” that after that I have never missed the MF debugger one single day :wink:

BTW the Natural One debugger is even better !

Yeah, so far not a big fan of the Natural Studio debugger. Guess I’m old school. I loved the MF debugger.

NaturalOne is much better. Theres some ‘strange’ things there as well. Globals don’t display is one, but overall its very good. REcomend y’all to change to Nat1 !