ComsapmwjcoJCO%24Exception 129 JCO_ERROR_SERVER_STARTUP

We are using J2EE 620 pl26, with the latest JCO, but often trying to acces the J2EE services like Mobile Engine Webconsole 21 or the WebEnabled Sapconsole 640 we recive the message:
‘Dispatche runningbut no server connected’.

The J2EE dispatcher and server are started at Sap startup. Just after that time the J2EE is working fine, but after some time the J2EE server get down.

We found this message into the J2EE console_logs:

“RFCEngine: Server startup error, stopping “SAPProfile:F:\usr\sap\CAM\SYS\profile\CAM_DVEBMGS00_itmif089” :$Exception: (129) JCO_ERROR_SERVER_STARTUP: Server startup failed at Fri Oct 15 09:58:20 CEST 2004.
This is caused by either a) erroneous server settings, b) the backend system has been shutdown, c) network problems. Will try next startup in 2 seconds.
Could not establish the lcom accepted connection: lcomListenCreate failed with rc 9”

We do not find any Oss notes for that.

Any advise is wellcome.