Composite Template for IS, LDAP configuration


I have a CCE 9.10 instance to install webMethods 9.9 Integration Server and UM. I created through CCE a LDAP configuration on the IS and then I got the configuration through cc client. Converted the json to yaml and got the added the following template:

      integrationServer:                                  # Integration Server productId
        ${}:                              # instance name to update
          configuration:                                  # CONFIGURATION definition
            integrationServer-inst1        # runtimeComponentId
                "@alias": "default"
                URL: "ldap://localhost:389"
                PrincipalDn: "Administrator"
                ConnectionTimeout: "5"
                PoolMinSize: "0"
                PoolMaxSize: "10"
                CacheSize: "10"
                CacheExpiration: "60"
                DnConstructionType: "SYNTHESIZE"
                DnPrefix: ""
                DnSuffix: ""
                UserIdAttribute: ""
                UserRootDn: ""
                GroupIdAttribute: "blub"
                GroupRootDn: ""
                MembershipAttribute: ""
                DefaultGroup: "bla"

But when I apply the template the job fails with a NullPointerException. Does the LDAP configuration template require any other settings that I didn’t include?

You need to indent all lines starting with #9 down. They are cannot be on the same level as COMMON-LDAP-default:


Ah, the indent marks beginning and end of a section. Works now. Thanks!