Composite Template Development Tutorial is now available

Basic composite template development tutorial is now available:

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Few questions on composite template development :

  1. Is it possible to try composite template development with a trial version?
  2. Since I dont have bootstrap installer and its fixes available at the moment, can I still proceed and try provisioning instances part with the existing installations that I have?
  3. Is it mandatory to have SPM repository configured before I provision IS instances using scripts? what if I dont want SPM and just want to provision IS instance. Is it possible to do that?

‘provisioning’ is a term used in command central context for which SPM is mandatory. If you want to create new additional instance without CC, that is still possible using IS create new instance script. Refer IS admin guide.

If you are already using webMethods, then you can download and use CC. So far this is not licensed and there is no trial versions. You can directly use the latest CC9.10. This has more capabilities than just provisioning which you can verify in documentation.


Thanks Senthil. It was indeed very helpful.

After referring to Composite Template development guide and Command Central/PM guide I started with some poc. As a first step I was able to successfully bootstrap Local Dev Installation and later installed SPM Plugins and Update Manager as well with the help of scripts. However,now unable to install fixes using the instructions given in the guide.

Attached screens. Even cant see log files of it. In fact it behaves almost the same way mentioned in the development guide but I dont see any fixes getting installed. Cant attach yaml file here :frowning:

Unable to update fixes.docx (63.5 KB)

Hi Sanket, This is exactly what I am looking for, Can you please let me know how you have created the image repository. And also verify the process :-

  1. Create Image repository
  2. create template
  3. import template
  4. apply

Hi Abhishek,

You can find answer to your question in the Bootstrap installer guide. If you dont want to bootstrap you can still configure them separately. Lot of information you can find even in composite template development guide.

I have implemented couple of pocs and it worked. The process that you are mentioning is right.


Hi Sanket,

I am referring to command central help guide. can you attach boostrap installer guide. Also while running cc commands, CLI is prompting for password, I provided cc login password but getting connection refused error. Please help. I am doing a poc to install IS. And creating repository first.

Hi Sanket, Can ou please provide me a sample provisioning template file, I am not sure which file to change, I can see and template.yaml file in the location.