I’m new to software ag crossvision, in these days i have been learning and evaluating the application composer software and i need some help from you. I developed the example application that is in the documentation of composer 2.1. It already works fine in my machine which has installed Application Composer and Centrasite. Now i want to install, deploy this application to another PC which does not have application composer installed but it has CentraSite, the question is can i do that???, if this can be done please explain me the way because i don’t understand how.

I have tried using the export utility from composer which generates a .zip archive that i understand representes the complete application, in my case “” , then i took that file to the other PC together with the script “import” but when i try to run it, it doesn’t work, i am little confused becuase i see that the bpel runtime is installed in the Application Composer not in CentraSite so in this moment i’m thinking it’s not possible to install the application in a PC which doesn’t hace installed Application Composer but i’m not sure… thanks.