Component directory not found for ISCoreAudit

Hello Community

I am new to webMethods and have installed it for first time today. I installed webMethods 10.11 free trial. During installation I opted for External RDBMS option (instead of Embedded database option).

I want to use SQL Server 2019 as RDBMS for my webMethods integration suite.

After completing webMethods installer/setup, I am trying to configure RDBMS using Software AG Database Component Configurator UI.

However when I try to execute DCC UI by selecting “Integration Server” under Product then it gives me following error message under its Results tab:

“error: Component directory not found for ISCoreAudit”


I am not sure why I am getting component directory not found error? Do I need to select any specific option/component during installation process? Or may be I am doing DB configuration in wrong way?

I would really appreciate if someone can comment/advise on this error reason and its resolution.

Hi Folks
I was able to fix this issue as following:

  1. Run SAG webMethods installer
  2. On Product/Component selection screen of the installer, make sure to select/click all components under “Database Configuration”
  3. Run installer and wait for it to complete
  4. Now open DCC UI again and select “Integration Server” under Product section and execute DCC UI with “Create” type action

Following above mentioned steps, I was able to complete DCC script execution successfully

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