Compatibility of SAP adapters with webMethods B2B 4.6

What versions of SAP R/3 Adapters are compatible or certified with webMethods B2B 4.6? I notice that we have three version of SAP R/3 adapters for B2B namely - 3.6, 4.0.1 and 4.6. Will the 3.6 version of SAP Adapter work with B2B 4.6? What version does webMethods recommend be used with B2B 4.6?

webMethods suggests you use the latest SAP R/3 adapter, v4.6 with the IS 4.6.

“The 3.6 adapter is not supported on IS 4.x.”

Can you confirm that the 3.6 version is not supported on any version of IS 4.x including 4.0.1? Because we have been using 3.6 SAP Adapter with SR6 patch on IS 4.0.1 for some of our integrations.