Communication with Universal Messaging


We use CentraSite 9.9. When checking the CTP wrapper logs, we can see that it tries to connect to Universal Messaging :

INFO | jvm 1 | 2016/08/03 10:42:58 | [Wed Aug 03 10:42:58 CEST 2016],Failed to connect to Realm on attempt 1 - nSessionAttributes:conns=1/[nsp://] - com.pcbsys.nirvana.client.nRealmUnreachableException: Realm is currently not Retry count=1 exceeded attempting to connect to host - [nsp://]

There are no UM configured on this server.

I’m not sure it is CentraSite that is linked in some way with UM. Maybe it is another component of runtime ?
Any idea of how such a link would be made and in what part of the system to configure the connection with UM?

To my knowledge CentraSite doesn’t publish to UM. I know that Mediator can in certain circumstances, but I have deactivated it (and besides why would it be in the CPT Logs ?!).

Any idea would be appreciated !

Thanks community

I suppose this is caused by the NERV component.
With version 9.x most of the webMethods products come by default with the possibility to exchange JMS events with EDA.
The configuration could be found under:
It is enabled by default and points to the localhost, where CTP is installed.

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