Commond directory interface not available in new Administration

I have setup webMethods 10.7 in my local with standard, UM/IS/MWS installation using Oracle XE as db.

I am able to see new interface but the common directory section on it is still disabled.

Please provide any pointer how to enable it.

Hi Farid,

were the database schemas created using Database configurator prior to starting the MWS for the first time?
When starting the MWS for the first tiem with correct database schema defined it will initialize the User Database for the common directory.

Can you provide some screenshots where your common directory administration is disabled?


Yes db schema was created using Database configuration and Commond directory is working from MWS. It also shows configured in user management page. But not in new UI. Please find below screenshot.

Hi Farid,

do you have a UM configured for Common Directory usage?
There was a change from 9.x to 10.x where using the MWS db schema for common directory exchange between MWS and IS is no longer possible (already deprecated in 9.12 but still working) in 10.x.

In IS under Settings → Resources is the SAML-URL configured correctly?
In IS under Settings → Messaging is the UM-Connection configured and working?
In MWS under Administration → My WebMethods → Cluster Settings check for the Common Directory settings.

See MWS Administrators Guide as well as IS Administrators Guide for further informations.


Hi Holger,

commond directory exchange between MWS and IS was always available. The change between 9.12 to 10.x was that all updates to common directory is being started cascaded using UM queues from 10.x onwards. In my installation, UM url was not configured and I have done that now as well but no luck.

Any other pointers?

Hi Farid,

unfortunately I am not yet using 10.x components as we are still trying to complete our migration to 9.12.
For this we are still using the database JMS provider (meanwhile deprecated) for syncing the common directory updates back to the IS.


Tried installing latest fixes. Even tried installing again with no luck.

May be its an issue with Linux image. I will try on Windows and get back.

Hello Farid,

When 10.7 was installed was Central User Management selected under Integration Server or Microservices Runtime Packages? Common Directory Services will appear disabled in the Adminstrator if the WmCDS package is not installed.



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Thanks Jason,

Turns out that was the issue, Somehow, Integration server Central User Management selection was missed.

Reinstalling that fixed the issue.