Commerceone flow

I am new to CommerceOne platform, to my understanding below are the steps for a commerceone integration.Plz anybody let me know, if my understanding is incorrect ?
(Client sends the XCBL to http://myserver:5555/invoke/pub.marketconnect.transport/receiveEnvelope?)

  1. reciveEnvelope service will recive the input xcbl with headers.
  2. The MIME part is takenout and the XML is send to TN.
  3. TN invokes the processing rule which invokes a service
  4. The services does the back ground process and send a acknoledment.
  5. Which is sent to reciveEnvelope service.
  6. If a response docuemnt need to send back, then the doc is sent to sendEnvelope serive.

thanks in advance