Command Prompt Error - Webmethods 7.1 Analytic Engine


When i am tryin to start my Analytic engine from the command prompt using the batch file - “startupAnalyticEngine.bat” i get the following error-

C:\webMethodsOpt7\optimize\analysis\bin>call “C:\webMethodsOpt7\optimize\analysis\bin\cpappend.bat” …\common\lib\wm-scg-jdbcpool.jar
The input line is too long.
“C:\webMethodsOpt7\optimize\analysis\bin\cpappend.bat” was unexpected at this time.

My OS is Windows 2000.
I am not sure whether this is suppose to be the OS issue but when i try the same in Xp/Vista it works fine.
Can someone suggest a solution to this?


This happens in windows2000 and below. The fix is you need to make the classpath smaller. In your case just copy the all the jar files from C:\webMethodsOpt7\optimize\analysis\lib