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Command Central 10.7

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Customer Licence

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Trying to implement monitoring for webMethods IS and UM components using Command Central REST APIs

Can you please let me know what are the components we can monitor in IS & UM using command central REST APIs.

Checked this URL https://hostname:portnumber/cce/application.wadl in postman, and got resource paths.

Can you please share example REST APIs URL OR any document which provides details on the URLs for,
IS - To get list of schedulers and its status
UM - To get number events queued in the channel

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.


Have you installed latest fixes for the products


Hi @sourabmv.93 ,
The link for CC REST API is at Command Central REST API , you can check for resource path /configuration/data in the .wadl file.

Please note the Integration Server also provides a REST Api to work with assets,

  • For list of scheduled tasks you can invoke protocol:host:port /admin/scheduledtask to retrieve the list of scheduled tasks ,
  • For details of a specific task you can invoke /admin/scheduledtask/{taskId}
  • For status of the scheduler - you can invoke /admin/scheduler , this also returns the list of scheduled tasks

More details at Integration Server 10.7 Admin API


I’m positive that the application-specific metrics that you want, cannot be monitored via CCE (I stand to be corrected).
While NP beat me to the IS API above, here’s the equivalent one for UM (link).

You can build a nifty yet holistic solution with different layers of monitoring, by combining these APIs; some more ideas here (link).


For the command Central REST APIs, I ran a quick check by calling a rest api for IS resources from postman


where local is my nodeAlias, integrationServer-default is my runtimeComponentId and IS-RESOURCES is the configurationInstanceId.

Perhaps this is not available for all configurations and is not straightforward. Using the CC REST APIs was more of an experiment for me as well.

@sourabmv.93 - the direct product specific APIs are sure to work however.


I’m able to get the IS scheduled task details, it is not straightforward and I wouldn’t use it.

Posting here only to check if there are easier ways :slight_smile:

  1. REST API to get the configuration instances - through host:port /cce/configuration/instances/{nodeAlias}/{runtimeComponentId}

referring the .wadl file there is an entry
resource path=“instances/{nodeAlias}/{runtimeComponentId}”

The response is a list of all the configuration instances including the scheduled tasks ,

                "id": "IS-SCHEDULED-TASKS-abcd-efgh-asdf",
                "configurationTypeId": "IS-SCHEDULED-TASKS",
                "displayName": "abcd-efgh-asdf",
                "description": "Integration Server Scheduled Tasks",
                "runtimeComponentId": "integrationServer-default",
                "attributes": null

For now, I manually filtered the list, ( I couldn’t find a grouping based on configurationTypeId) and found multiple such instances , one for each scheduled task

  1. Use the “id” from the above result and invoke host:port/cce/configuration/instances/{nodeAlias}/{runtimeComponentId}/{configurationInstanceId}
    E.g, : /cce/configuration/instances/local/integrationServer-default/IS-SCHEDULED-TASKS-abcd-efgh-asdf

again referring the .wadl file ,there is an entry
resource path=“/configuration/data”
resource path=“/{nodeAlias}/{runtimeComponentId}/{configurationInstanceId}”

returns details of a single task

    "ServiceInfo": {
        "Service": "folder:service1",
        "User": "user",
        "TargetNode": "All Servers"


I appreciate the time you’ve spent on this, NP.

I don’t see the scheduler’s status in the responses.
Does CCE invocation only provide the design-time (i.e., configuration) info?


As far as I know, CCE does have support for modifying the configuration as well, for example modify settings for a particular port , but I’m not sure if this is available for all configurations. In this case, looks like the support is limited to the scheduled tasks only and not the scheduler status.


Thanks @Nagendra_Prasad and @Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1 for sharing the information!

Looks like CCE REST APIs are not straight forward, it is tricky to use.

Apart from schedulers, if I have other IS components to monitor as well. I don’t think it will give the output as I expected. (Example: It is not showing whether Scheduler is disabled or enabled which is important for monitoring)

@Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1 I have gone through the steps given for UM REST plugin. I am not able to see the plugin tab in enterprise manager to configure it. (for step - 4.Select the tab Plugins from the interface configuration panel.)

as per this link, looks like license is required for plugin feature set. Can you please confirm on this.

Here’s the matrix on the License Types vs Feature Sets (link).
If you do have the Fully Featured license, then here are the steps (link).


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