I am sending PIP to my trading partner through the service . Once i am sending PIP document to my TP i getting this error [ISC.0064.9324] Server Error: Service Unavailable [ESIPRT.000020.000023]

Do we have any solution to follow up.


This indicates that the service on the machine that you reached is unavailable. A couple of possibilities exist:

  1. The service is simply temporarily unavailable. Trying again should work, if service has been restored.

  2. The service has been moved to another host. As you may know, the default behavior of the Sun JVM is to cache name resolution results forever. This means that once hostnameA resolves to an IP (e.g. the JVM hosting IS will use that IP until a restart. If the IP of the hostname you’re trying to reach has changed for any reason, your IS will never reach it until it is restarted.

If this is the case (you’ll want to confirm with your partner) you can change the default behavior of the Sun JVM (assuming you’re using the Sun JVM) using a couple of Sun specific properties. These are described in an article on the Sun site.