Coding convention for %24error %24errorMessage

I am writing a flow that should “return with success” under all conditions. However, in case an error occurs, it should set an error variable.

Can I declare a ‘$error’ variable in my service output, or should I use a different variable?

I think $error has internal significance to the IS server –
can someone elaborate. The IS development guide does not say much here.

$error is a system variable that is set automatically whenever an unhandled exception is thrown. I am not aware of any specific anomalies you would encounter if you used it. But if it was me, I would declare my own.

By the way, an easy way to suppress all exceptions is to place your flow inside a Sequence with the “exit on” condiftion set to “Done”.


Thanks Theo - Yes, I guess an explicit error message would be better here. Thanks for the tip - it will come in handy!