Code Samples link


Just letting you know that the link to “code samples” that comes with the free trial does not work.

would definitely like to see some more advanced coding than what you see in the tutorials.


Can you copy paste the link to see if it is broken?

This site is acting really weird :evil: My messages are getting posted more than once creating duplicates.

Admin/Moderator - Can you check from your end?

yeah the link is:


May be the administrator has to update the link. Remember I am not SAG guy :slight_smile:


I guess the admin should have a look the broken link. But remember I am not a SAG guy :smiley:

Thanks! that new link worked!

I went to load WmSamples into my free trial of webmethods and there is no IntegrationServer\replicate\inbound directory like the instructions say to use.

I tried to make the directories myself and restarted the IS but it didn’t matter.

any ideas?

Go to IntegrationServer\default\instances\replicate\inbound directory

The path turned out to be IntegrationServer\instances\default\replicate\inbound

Thank you very much for your help! Is this path different for the trial or is all that documentation wrong?

I think the documentation should be revised.

Both pathes are correct depending on the wM Version being used.

Documentation uses the path which was valid up to wM 9.5.

The path you have mentioned is valid for wM 9.6 and newer.

In wM 9.6 SAG introduced the feature for having multiple instances configured under one installation directory.


Yes, the information provided is correct. The source is from the “readme” You can refer this for every release version of webMethods.